Facial Cupping

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/display/newscorpaustralia.com/Web/NewsNetwork/Lifestyle - syndicated/ In Facial Acupuncture, painless and ultra-fine specialised needles are inserted into the skin, reaching the soft tissues and causing a 'microtrauma'. This signals the body to heal the area, promoting collagen and elastin production . Promoting blood circulation through these tiny needles also means more oxygenation and nutrients arrive to the cells, helping with skin hydration and brightness. Facial cupping is similar in the sense that the pressure of the cup when activated stimulates blood flow to the area, and encourages lymphatic drainage. The cups are slid around in different directions to encourage this movement and it is very stimulating to both the facial skin and the deeper layers. Acne is one skin condition which can certainly benefit from improved blood circulation, as confirmed by Dr Tam who has treated hundreds of patients suffering from it. “From my extensive experience in seeing patients with acne, I would say that is common that they suffer from blood stagnation that can stem from poor circulation or blood deficiency. Acne sufferers also almost always have a very inflammatory pattern from a build-up of toxicity and heat,” she says. In everyday life, you can also work to improve your blood circulation by moving regularly, having hot baths, and massaging your skin either with a tool or using your hands. Read on for 20 easy ways to boost your circulation , and the winter workout built to boost your blood circulation. Know someone who’ll love this?

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