He also gets referrals from other vets who have been unable to help a pet with traditional medicine. Nervous or aggressive pets are often more cooperative in familiar surroundings, said Dr. Levy, who treats many older or debilitated cats and dogs that are too fragile, physical or emotionally, to travel. Acupuncture can make pets with cancer more comfortable by stimulating points in the body that help with pain relief, or increase energy, the immune system and appetite, said Dr. Levy, who sat beside Harpo on a rug and inserted a red tipped needle into the top of the terrier’s head. This is a calming point, explained Dr. Levy, where the yin energy pathways converge. He then inserted a needle between the dog’s shoulder blades, a yang energy point that was “sort of like turning up the thermostat.” Another needle just beyond the last rib would affect the kidney, which “houses the fire of life — it’s like a pilot light,” and can help with arthritis and mobility issues, he said. Typically, pets fall asleep soon after the needles are inserted. Harpo, a high-energy dog usually excited by visitors, did just that, despite the ambulance sirens and car horns outside.

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